Our Burgers Are

Better Because

of Chuck

Shhhh! There’s a secret to making a thick, juicy, perfectly seasoned burger that few people understand. Chuck knows it better than anyone. But if you ask him what it is, he’ll change the subject.

So our advice… don’t ask. Just eat.

Over The Top


Only At

Underground Chuck's.

The U Burger

Make it your own. Start with a thick, delicious Chuck Burger and lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mustard and mayo, then choose from American cheese, white or yellow cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, or pepper jack cheese. Want bacon? Add it on. Another patty? Add it on. Want kale? Can’t help you.

The Bleu Moo

A big ‘ol Chuck Burger with blackened seasoning, bleu cheese, tasty bacon, caramelized onions and Cajun mayo. This is flavor, topped with flavor, and then some flavor.

The Bayou Burger

A nice, meaty Chuck Burger with seasoned tater tots, Cajun seasonings and Cajun mayo with cheese sauce. Napkins a must. Dozens of them. Seriously.

The Meat Grinder

A thick Chuck Burger with thin sliced ham, shredded pork, pepper jack cheese, chipotle BBQ sauce and mayo. Vegans probably should avoid this one.

The Matterhorn

A juicy Chuck Burger with Swiss cheese, smokey bacon, sautéed mushrooms, mustard and mayo.
It’s a (forgive us) mountain of flavor.

The Chicken Out

A crispy, juicy hand-breaded fried chicken breast burger with dill pickles and mayo. So cluckin’ good, you’ll probably order another as soon as you finish the first one.
Which is fine with us.

• Sides •


Lightly fried, perfectly crunchy, really tasty tots that add to our burger experience.


Freshly fried, perfectly seasoned, a killer sidekick to Chuck’s burgers.

• Desserts •


Brownies dusted with powdered sugar and served with chocolate and caramel sauces.

Donut Dippers

Donut bites dusted with powdered sugar and served with chocolate and caramel sauces.